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COVID-19 Guidelines

Outdoor Practice

  • Participation is optional. Everyone should use their best judgment regarding their participation.  Participation is discretionary. 
  • Any players (or family members of the player) showing symptoms of not feeling well is not allowed at practice. 
  • Max of 6 players per coach ratio; encourage same coach to work with the same 6 players or less in a group
  • Throwing - one throwing partner per practice
  • During drills - waiting in line players need to be 6 feet away from the next player
  • No seeds, gum, or other chewing/eating products allowed by coaches or players
  • No sharing of equipment - that includes, bats, helmets, gloves, gear, clothes
  • Bring your own water bottles; No sharing of water bottles
  • Hand sanitizer - kids and coaches sanitize hands before, during and after practice 
  • Masks optional
  • Practice social distance while sitting in the dugout, standing around, running drills, standing in line
  • Parents can watch practice, games, or tournaments but at social distance.  Games or tournaments may have their own spectator rules.
  • Game play - no hand shaking/high fives post game (line up and tip your cap)