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COVID-19 Guidelines

Indoor Practice Protocols

Please approach upcoming community and family events with the utmost caution and care. Our individual actions have large implications. Disregarding the recommended safety measures may jeopardize the current plan in place. Please be safe and stay healthy.


  • Masks required for all coaches and kids. If a child is not following the mask mandate the coach can have the child sit for the remainder of the session and/or have their parents pick them up early.
  • If a child (or an immediate family member) has shown or is showing any COVID related symptoms they are not allowed at practice. Quarantine, symptom checks, testing, and monitoring should mirror those done for school. If you are not allowed at school, you are not allowed at practice.
  • If a child tests positive at any point, that team will be quarantined for a minimum of 14 days. Symptom checks, testing, and monitoring should mirror those done for school. CDC guidelines have recently adjusted the quarantine period to 7-10 days. Please reference the Ozaukee County Health Department for updates.
  • Each player must have their own equipment. No sharing of bats, gloves, hats, helmets, catchers gear, etc.
  • Parents will need to wear a mask while in the facility and we prefer you wait outside if possible and not gather inside the facility.
  • Each player should have a supply of hand sanitizer in their bag. Please apply before and after practice.
  • Coach's should leave at least 5 minutes at the end of each session to wrap up and get kids out of the facility to minimize the number of kids in the lobby area.
  • Parents will need to pick up their children on time to ensure they are not waiting in a lobby with a larger number of kids.


  • Temperatures will be taken by coaches before practice starts.
  • Parents will need to stay with their child at the facility until their temperature is taken.
  • Each team can break their indoor time slot into 2 equal sessions with half of their team at each slot. Each coach must determine the participants for session 1 and session 2. Ex. 6kids in session 1 for 40 mins and 6 other kids in session 2 for 40 mins.
  • Coaches should always keep 6 feet of distance between kids.

Outdoor Practice

  • Participation is optional. Everyone should use their best judgment regarding their participation.  Participation is discretionary. 
  • Any players (or family members of the player) showing symptoms of not feeling well is not allowed at practice. 
  • Max of 6 players per coach ratio; encourage same coach to work with the same 6 players or less in a group
  • Throwing - one throwing partner per practice
  • During drills - waiting in line players need to be 6 feet away from the next player
  • No seeds, gum, or other chewing/eating products allowed by coaches or players
  • No sharing of equipment - that includes, bats, helmets, gloves, gear, clothes
  • Bring your own water bottles; No sharing of water bottles
  • Hand sanitizer - kids and coaches sanitize hands before, during and after practice 
  • Masks optional
  • Practice social distance while sitting in the dugout, standing around, running drills, standing in line
  • Parents can watch practice, games, or tournaments but at social distance.  Games or tournaments may have their own spectator rules.
  • Game play - no hand shaking/high fives post game (line up and tip your cap)