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Welcome to Cedarburg Baseball

Cedarburg Mercs legal entity is Cedarburg Baseball Inc. (CBI) and it operates as a non-profitorganization with tax-except status under rule 501 (c)(3) of the US tax code.


· Premier Cedarburg community team at each age level and primary feeder program for high school varsity program
· Access to professional instruction and practice plans through Sanfilippo baseball
· Indoor practice facility in Cedarburg during winter months with practice at all levels starting in January
· Skill-specific camps led by professional instructors for hitting, pitching, fielding and catching
· 3-9 tournaments based on team skill level 
· Options to compete in Wisconsin State League or equivalent
· Options to travel to national tournaments


Sanfilippo Hitting & Conditioning Classes

Sanfilippo Baseball is offering 4 sessions of the 6-week hitting/conditioning classes.  They are now adding Saturday classes as well. Each session is $180 ($30 per class).  Payment needs to be made the first day of each session.  There is no prorating of payment if you must miss a class.  There will be a limit of 20 kids per class.
Each class is 90 minutes. Half the group will do 45 minutes of baseball, with Sanfilippo Baseball staff; the other half of the group will do 45 minutes of conditioning and functional athletic movements with the staff of Athlete Performance.  Then the groups switch.

Classes are held at Athlete Performance 10448 N. Port Washington Rd in Mequon. 

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Why Mercs?